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[TCML] Trouble with eBay wire

I bought 24 AWG wire from an eBay dealer named Jim Whyte.  He has 
thousands of sales already so I figure that he's legit.  My purchase 
was supposed to be 1000' of 24 AWG copper magnet wire.  I got my 
shipment within the allotted time.  I began to wrap my secondary coil.  
I was going for 20" tall, 4" diameter.  After hand winding all the 
wire, I measure the wind and find it to be only 17.5" long.  After some 
crude calculations, I found the total length of the wire to be about 

I emailed the seller to get a new coil of magnet wire, and he assures 
me  that he sent me exactly 1000' and won't be sending me another coil. 
 What should I do about this?  Should I contact PayPal and dispute the 
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