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Re: [TCML] GFI Transformer Help

I had this problem before. except I was using the transformer for a fusor and not a tesla coil. I ended up opening the casing and ripping the entire gfi out. Mine was a little green box maybe 1" by 2" by 2" on the side closer to the low voltage inputs. after that i just needed to extend the wires coming out fo the tar and figure out which was input and ground. works like a champ now. 

jay Howson 

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I went to my local electronics surplus dealer and asked for a transformer 
for a Tesla coil 2 or 3 months ago (I *really* didn't know what I was doing 
then). I had then gotten really busy what with school and all, and did not 
find out until later that it was a GFI transformer, and that it wouldn't 
work for a coil. I cannot take it back (it's been to long), and was 
wondering what, if anything, I could do about this. 
The rest of my coil building went flawlessly (as far as I know), and I 
decided to try the coil anyways. I plugged it in, flipped the switch, and 
got a rhythmic hum out of my spark gap. It was actually sparking (to my 
surprise!), but not for long enough to charge the coil. It also was not 
firing loudly, or strongly, just kind of clicking. Is there any way to 
disable the GFI? Can I fix it?, I live in central Florida, so is there 
anywhere I can get an alternative, quickly? Help! 

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