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Re: [TCML] GFI Transformer Help

These aren't exactly "school kids" - they're senior high honors students at a school for the gifted. They're a lot older than I was when I made my first TC with a small NST salvaged from a sign on top of a burned building. So far my nephew hasn't gotten them into motor bike riding but they have built some sensational potato cannons capable of tossing a potato about a half mile into the pacific from their campus. Other projects include a big VDG, several Wimshurst machines, hot air engines, one model jet engine, etc. George believes that there's a big connection between the hands and the brain and so do I.


"I cringe at the public liability aspects of handing out HV transformers to schoolkids. Would you as a parent be happy with that? I wouldn't. A great learning experience I am sure, but so is learning about high explosives and motor bike racing.
Nevertheless a nice score with 12kV 240mA.

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My nephew teaches at a "gifted children's" high school near San Diego and he managed to convince a SD sign shop to give the his all of the transformers they wanted if they salvaged them from old signs stored in the back yard of the shop. They got a lot and he brought me 4 12 kV, 60 ma Jeffersons to play with. Always worth a try.

By the way, about 10 of his students including a couple of girls made decent TC's during the term.


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