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RE: [TCML] Terry filters again!!

Hi Simon,

I'm not sure I follow your question about losses.

Terry filters need the proper number of MOV devices to match the NST voltage.  If there are too few devices, the MOV's will clamp the normal NST voltage and likely burn out.  If too many MOV devices are used, the clamping threshold will be set too high and the clamp will be ineffective.  But neither of these scenarios constitutes losses.

That said, 8.5kV sounds like an odd voltage rating for an NST.  9kV is more typical.  If your NST claims to be 8.5kV, I would question whether it's it's a core and coil type (good) or a solid state type (bad).

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hi Guys,
> So I have finally bought my Terry filter parts, my question is, I have
> an 8.5kV NST but can I build a terry filter for a 15kV NST without any
> noticeable losses? or should I stick to the 9kV rated option.
> Thanks
> Simon

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