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RE: [TCML] Questions on grounding

That's really strange and unusual if you tryed to tune the coil after
the reversal but still had a poor performance (or no performance).
The resonance depends solely on L-C parameters of the circuits and
the circuits are magnetically coupled to transfer from one circuit
to another.
Polarity in the loosely coupled circuits shouldn't make an important factor.



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Subject: RE: [TCML] Questions on grounding
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One strange phenomenon that I've recently noticed about spark length
involves which way you wind your wire around the primary to get to your
tap point. 
I should mention for clarification that I'm using a vertical primary,
which will make what I'm describing make more sense, at least in terms
of how I'm describing the setup. Strange as it sounds, going in one
direction totally detunes the coil, whereas going the other direction
gets maximum sparks. The tap spot is on the direct opposite side of the
primary relative to where the wires come up through the enclosure. Your
site is unavailable from my work internet access, but just thought I'd
throw that out there in case you were using a similar setup. And does
anyone know why this would be so?
As a point of reference, I'm using a 12kv 30 ma nst, a .009 cde mmc, a
4.5x17" secondary with 24 gauge, and a 7.5" primary former that is wound
with some thickly insulated monster cable. 12" ikea sphere on top with a
small semipointed breakout on the top. The spark length in free air is
24+ inches. 
I haven't tested it to ground.

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