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RE: [TCML] Questions on grounding


Your phenomenon is perfectly normal, not strange.  One way adds another half
turn to your primary, and the other way effectively subtracts a half turn.
Your connecting wire is closely coupled to your primary and is in effect
part of it. So one way happens to make your primary be in tune with your
secondary.  The other way results in the primary being a different resonant
frequency from your secondary. 

Think of it as a transformer - your primary is one winding and your
connecting wire is the other.  Connecting the windings in series will either
result in increased (series-aiding) or decreased (series-opposing) total

If you have an inductance meter, you can measure the difference inductance
depending on how your tap point wire is routed.

Steve Y.


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One strange phenomenon that I've recently noticed about spark length
involves which way you wind your wire around the primary to get to your
tap point. 
I should mention for clarification that I'm using a vertical primary,
which will make what I'm describing make more sense, at least in terms
of how I'm describing the setup. Strange as it sounds, going in one
direction totally detunes the coil, whereas going the other direction
gets maximum sparks. The tap spot is on the direct opposite side of the
primary relative to where the wires come up through the enclosure. 


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