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RE: [TCML] Chris Bohrs' RF burn



Well, Tesla coils are naturally dangerous, since you don't even have to touch the internal parts in order for said parts to shock you. There are fairly high-energy capacitors in medium sized Tesla coils, and very high energy capacitors in larger Tesla coils. 


Let's see, a .1µF capacitor rated at 35KV and charging to 20KV is delivering a pulse of 40J at 20KV in less than one-hundred microseconds, resulting in an RMS current of much greater than one-hundred amps per pulse. So yes, Tesla coils are very dangerous. But if you've ever touched a streamer on a lower-powered SGTC, you know that they aren't going to kill you, regardless of how long you held your hand there.


You could hold your hand there until the coil died (for me that would be around five minutes!) and you wouldn't have much more damage than you began with, maybe a burn spot on your finger and a tingling arm, and of course that brain damage you started out with. (not a personal insult, just saying that if you're going to draw streamers to yourself for five minutes straight you're pretty unintelligent) Perhaps there would be some nerve damage.


All of the mortal danger is in the primary circuit.


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> Without doubt, VTTCs can cause internal burns while
> bigger spark gap coils can both deliver shock and
> cause internal burns.
> Contrary to popular belief I consider tesla devices
> quite a dangerous toys.
> Dex 
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> I've had the same thing from my solid state coil, I get RF burns from
> touching just about anything conductive near the coil, including another
> secondary, the variac case, wheel (its an old one with a metal knob for some
> reason). Another secondary (or anything conductive) near a runnign coil
> would intercept enough of the field near the coil to have some voltage
> induced in it.
> >
> > I wouldn't call this a beginners mistake.
> > I've never heard of someone getting an rf burn from holding another
> > secondary, but then, it's not a common situation.
> > Was the secondary completely unconnected to anything else (sort of say a
> > small secondary coil)?
> >
> > Bart
> >
> >
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