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Re: [TCML] Questions on grounding

Hi Dex,

Dex Dexter wrote:
But is there a case where quenching at 2nd and 3rd notch performs better than 1st notch quenching?That doesn't sound normal to me.
Yes, there have been reported cases. But you'll need to check the archives on those as I don't have that data handy. Maybe before looking through the archives, think about what might cause this. This issue will keep you up at nights however.

Quenching at the 1st notch means that all the energy in the system has been dissipated so that the gap stopped conducting at this point in time. 2nd or 3rd notch quench dictates a longer time span before the gap stopped conducting (energy sloshing back and forth between the coils). If both coils have the same energy??

I'm not sure there is a definitive answer except that losses are greater in one situation versus the other.

Take care,
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