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Re: [TCML] Not an Oudin coil (was: Re: Single ear piglet)

J. Aaron Holmes wrote:
An Oudin coil is an autotransformer, yes?  Definitely not what you're doing, David.  An Oudin coil with a one-eared pole pig for a primary source would certainly be far, far greater *guaranteed* danger than a similar Tesla coil with a primary/secondary arrangement.  An Oudin coil with a one-eared pig means that you're standing on one leg of the primary HV and the other is wired directly to the streamer that's about to hit you.  With a Tesla coil, the concern for 50/60Hz on the streamers is generally tied to the concern that a coincidental primary-to-secondary flashover occurs, setting up a transient Oudin-coil-like scenario.  Still not something to scoff at, but you do have to get [un]lucky.
Actually, the danger is not so great. An autotransformer and a true transformer work exactly in the same way. If you feel safe with a conventional coil with primary and secondary coils grounded, you are also safe with an autotransformer, because looking at what appears at the output there is no way to tell what is the actual configuration. The low inductance of the primary coil short-circuits the power line current to ground very effectively, and there is a capacitor in series too. The difference in risk is what happens if for some reason the ground connection of the coils is interrupted. With a true transformer, nothing happens at the secondary. With an autotransformer the power supply is directly connected to the output terminal.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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