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Re: [TCML] Do over capacitance lead to poor resonance?

Hello Chester,

The cap size of 22nF should be fine. I suspect your problem is elsewhere
in your system. There are many possibilities beyond tuning, but there is
not enough information presented to predict anything (except to guess
wildly). Is there any way you can should a photo of your coil? A wiring
diagram and geometry of pri, sec, and top load would be helpful. A
description of your spark gap is also useful here. Photo's of course
should be uploaded somewhere on the internet and then just provide the
link in your TCML email.


cho yan ping wrote:
> Hi coilers,
> I have tuned my tesla coil months and months,
> However, it don't give any open air discharge and corona.
> After I have tried my effort on tuning the secondary coil and primary inductance,
> I am thinking if too much capacitance would be the cause?
> Here's the case,
> I am using a 7.5kV 30mA 50Hz Neon transformer,
> as stated by Teslamap,
> the capacitor should resonant at 12.7nF, LTR static 20.6nF.
> However my capacitor rated at 15kVDC 22nF.
> Would this greatly effect my coil and don't let it give out streamers?
> Regards,
> Chester
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