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Re: [TCML] Do over capacitance lead to poor resonance?

No discharge at all means a major component problem.
1: Does each side of your NST form a quiet yellow spark when an earthed wire is brought close? If not then dead NST. 2: Hook up your cap between one terminal and earth. (not both terminals or too much cap stress) Briefly draw a spark again. It should be very loud and bright white.
If this is OK then cap and NST are OK.
3: If they are OK then make sure the spark gap is bright white and noisy when running. 4: Bring an earthed wire within 1/2 inch of the toroid. If there is no spark at all then the problem is in the wiring, or secondary. If there is a small spark only then it is a tuning problem or secondary failure.

Don't despair. Most of my TC's give only a half inch spark when I first fire them up.

Peter  www.tesladownunder.com

cho yan ping wrote:
Hi coilers,

I have tuned my tesla coil months and months,
However, it don't give any open air discharge and corona.
After I have tried my effort on tuning the secondary coil and primary inductance,
I am thinking if too much capacitance would be the cause?

Here's the case,
I am using a 7.5kV 30mA 50Hz Neon transformer,
as stated by Teslamap,
the capacitor should resonant at 12.7nF, LTR static 20.6nF.
However my capacitor rated at 15kVDC 22nF.
Would this greatly effect my coil and don't let it give out streamers?


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