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Re: [TCML] Philadelphia meeting

It seems to have had some interesting stuff and I would have liked to go (apart from the minor problem of travelling 20k miles round trip). A couple of oddball Tesla coils, some nice antique HV/Static and radio stuff and a (un)healthy dose of pseudoscience. I particularly liked Turtle's vision (water powered engine given to him in a vision) Here's my open day from last year to compare and contrast. Bigger TC's, more audience interaction, 50 science displays and exhibits witjh no pseudoscience. 70-80 people came by word of mouth with no advertising.
(but hey, maybe it was the free beer....)

Peter www.tesladownunder.com

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"Conference Organizer Nick Lonchar looks at the Tesla Coil built by Engineer
David Rosignoli."

See also http://s93.photobucket.com/albums/l62/mriversong/Inventions/

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Subject: [TCML] Philadelphia meeting

Anyone on the list attend the Tesla Inventor's meeting at Liberty Hall in
Philadelphia, PA? I think it was held around July 10th.

If so, was it an interesting event with Tesla coils and other interesting
inventions demonstrated, or ---- a flop?

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