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[TCML] For sale: Neon sign transformer tesla coil

Hi, folks.  

I'd like to sell my Tesla coil, and you guys get first crack at it.  I've
been a lurker here for many years, and have enjoyed the hobby.  However, the
pressures of life have caught up with me and I must simplify.  It's time to
part with it, since it sees only very occasional use.  I ran it on Tesla's
birthday, and drew healthy 9" sparks.  My record is 11".

Some basic design specs:

Frequency =  146 KHz
Neon Sign Transformer 15kV/30mA
Multiple static spark gap, with two fans.
Structure is about 6' tall, on wheels - topload could stand to be redone,
but most of it is overbuilt (somewhere around $800 went into it)

I also have a second neon sign transform I was planning to gang, but I'm
just not finding the time.  Better to get rid of these things if I'm not
using them, than one of the kids hurt themselves.

Please let me know if you're interested.  I live in Orleans (Ottawa), Ont.,
and can be reached at owen@xxxxxxxxxxxx, or you can look me up in the phone
book.  I'll accept the best reasonable offer, and provide photographs once I
can get some new camera batteries.


  - Owen Lawrence -

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