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Re: [TCML] Stupid thought... Grounding

I have never used more than 1-2 foot earth in ground often dry and even then it was about 15 feet away off the tarmac. Never known any different. Hey, maybe I am missing out on those 15 footers. However I also run an Al plate laying flat on the tarmac. It might at least capacitatively couple the fastest transients to ground. I wet the ground underneath it often as well.

In an apartment, it would be pretty unsociable to run a coil anyway, let alone one without a Faraday cage. To pass big currents at high voltages into an apartment without knowing where it went is a recipe for someone (or someone's electronics) to get hurt and things might readily go pear shaped for a lot of reasons. 4x22 might be tabletop but I used just that sized coil for a University open day 2 days ago and it was reaching the top of the 7 foot cage.

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Ok so this just hit me while watching Futurama... Love that show... anywaz, I might have some insight as to the poor performance of my new coil. I know everyones probably going to say DUH, and smack me over the back of the head. I never had trouble with previous coils. My latest pig driven coil would output a 15 footer on a good day... This coil and its predecessors were all attached to an 8ft copper grounding rod. I now live in an apartment in Raleigh NC (was first floor till a few weeks ago). When I tested the coil in the old apartment, we used a copper water pipe we assumed went into the foundation. (Small table top tesla coil) Now that I think about it im guessing a didnt procure a decent ground. I know this'll be hard, but try to ignore all other potential variables. Assume this coil runs at peak efficiency with say that old 8ft ground rod. How much would you guess performance would be hurt by using the theoretical water pipe ground. Even better yet, now that the coil will be operated outside, can anyone take a guess on performance using a removable 1ft or 2ft rod? I know you can create a surface area ground with say a disc of chicken wire but thats a pain in the butt. Also linking many short grounds together, but that seems like a pain too. Ultimately, the question is, will performance suffer if I only use a 1 - 2ft removable ground or will the effects be negligible between the different sizes for a coil of very little power? Thanks

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