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[TCML] FW: Two large X-ray transformers free (pickup only)

I received the following post, indirectly, from Harry Goldman, former editor of the TCBA newsletter and published authority on Kenneth Strickfaden, concerning available X-ray transformers.  Please reply off-list, directly, to Professor Geilker at geilkerc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:geilkerc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Regards, Gary Lau

I received a request from a professor Charles Geilker at William Jewell College in Liberty, MO.  They have two large X-ray transformers that are free to anyone who wishes to have them on a pickup basis (no shipping).  I told the professor that I have a friend on the Tesla network who might be willing to forward his information.

   Large X-ray transformers available free to any "good home" willing to sign a "Hold Harmless" waiver.  The units are located at Wllliam Jewell College, Liberty, MO.  Contact Professsor C. Geilker at geilkerc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:geilkerc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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