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Re: [TCML] breakouts and a picture

No problem Simon,

I ran the numbers in Javatc also with the correct primary height. The coil is basically 200kHz with top terminal installed. Your data calls out the .02uF cap size (which is not a great cap size here as it is too damn close to transformer resonance). But, with this .02uF cap size, the coil should tune in at 7.5 to 8 turns on the primary. There is a problem, the coupling is rather low at .085. You can raise the coupling to roughly 0.12 as a good place to start by reposition the relative heights of the primary and secondary either by lowering the secondary further down into the primary or raising the primary up. However, there is also a problem doing that with your coil. In order for 0.13k, the primary would need to be positioned at 59.8cm above ground (versus the current 45cm). This really cuts down on your toroid to primary distance, so I would recommend another option in this specific case.

That is to add inner turns. It looks like your were playing it safe with the primary to secondary distance at a large 9cm from edge of sec to edge of pri. You can safely reduce this distance down to 3.5cm without sec to pri flashover on your particular coil. I've done this before (adding a turn or two on the inside of a primary). Simply use the same tubing size. Where the two tubes butt together, insert a non-insulated butt-splice that fits snug on the inside between the two primary ends. Then just sweat solder the joint.

Anyway, with a primary height of 48.3cm, inner radius of 9.5cm at 8.7 turns, your coil will be tuned to 200kHz with a coupling of 0.12 and should help out quite a bit with sparks. I'll also foward my JTC output to you off-line for reference.

Take care,

Simon Dodd wrote:
I have just seen the help file, yes the primary height is 45, sorry about that!
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