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RE: [TCML] Hello List, Question Lurks..


Exactly what are you trying to do? I've never heard of the type of xfmr
you are tying to use. What do you mean by:" however I tried to tame a 5+
KVA, 3p 4400v transformer sans 3P"; You need to be more specific so we
might be able to help. What is the primary voltage? And what is a "sans
3P"? Does your xfmr have a nameplate? Your message is very cryptic. What
is this "disappointing 1500 volts" you are getting out of a 4500 volt
xfmr? Last time I checked, 4amps x 4000volts was 16kva. Is this your
first tube coil?


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Hello Tesla Fiends,

I am still collecting components for my (4x) 833C VTTC. I have almost
everything now. This has been going on for a few years. The target
are getting close! However I tried to tame a 5+ KVA, 3p 4400v
sans 3P. I have come to the conclusion that this will not cut the
Nada. It won't work without a 1256D or so. Not what I had in mind!

So lets see, the triple core is very nearly 8 inches^2 each. So we have
disappointing ~1500v * the SQR 3 =~ 4500v. This is still not happening
with a 1500V/.707=filtering circuit.

Ok a new approach: I have stripped off the 12wag large number off the
legs and made the center a clean former. Understand this was a 24/7
transformer weight in at least 75lbs. All layers were covered in Nomex
I salvaged well. I did learn a few things including how to easily
an interleaved core in a single session! So here's the question: if I
magnetize the center core verging on the center core kneeing of core
magnetization saturation say with #5awg or #awg6 square magnet wire-
Will  a symmetrical core bring the numerous  #awg 26 or so wire on the
turns arrive near acceptable magnetized power. I may parallel or series
windings as I have a 4" window x 2" winding windows.

Thanks for any help!

Jim Mora

PS: I have 4 MOT if this fails, actually six ;-^) This is not my first
choice. Four deliver 2amps either in series or voltage shifted and run
I want 4 amps@ >4kv. Pig Hugh! Anyone have 4.4kv pig??

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