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RE: [TCML] parker globe for sale

There are formulas for making a great number of colors. 
The standard globe that you usually see in novelty stores is an easy mix
of inexpensive neon & argon.
The other colors require fairly exact rations of one gas to another and
often also have other chemicals that are injected in the mix.  I believe
sodium bromide (sp?) was one of the add ons that could be used to obtain
the green coloring in a xenon/argon mix, but I don't recall the exact

Shannon Weinhold

"Failures are divided into two classes
those who thought and never did, 
and those who did and never thought."  
John Charles Salak

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How do they get the green plasma?


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> Hey guys,
>     for those collectors interested an original Bill Parker Plasma
> just went up for sale,
> Too rich for me but it looks pretty cool.
> Scott Bogard.
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