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Re: [TCML] parker globe for sale


I thought 1 torr was 1000 microns. Would not that make atmosphere ~760,000 microns?

How do you deliver 60 kV to the plasma globe for cleaning? I assume it would be RF through the center radiator. What frequency do you use, from what kind of source, and how do you keep it from puncturing the radiator glass?


DC Cox wrote:
Most plasma spheres operate in the range of 5,500 to 7000 microns.  Air
being 7600 microns (no vacuum at all).

I use xenon, argon, helium, krpton in my mixtures.

The container cleaning is the problem issue.  You have to bake it at high
temp for 24 hrs before filling.  Also, use a 60 kV discharge in Argon gas to
microscopically "clean" all the residuals off the interior walls.  Failing
to take this step can result in a fuzzy ball after a few months as the
plasma dislodges molecules adhering to the glass internal walls.

Dr. Resonance

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