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Re: [TCML] parker globe for sale

What about cleanliness of plastic globes such as the cheapie I bought from Radio Shack? At least 10 years old and still looks "as good as new".


1 atmosphere = 760 Torr = 760 mmHg

"Most plasma spheres operate in the range of 5,500 to 7000 microns.  Air
being 7600 microns (no vacuum at all).

I use xenon, argon, helium, krpton in my mixtures.

The container cleaning is the problem issue.  You have to bake it at high
temp for 24 hrs before filling.  Also, use a 60 kV discharge in Argon gas to
microscopically "clean" all the residuals off the interior walls.  Failing
to take this step can result in a fuzzy ball after a few months as the
plasma dislodges molecules adhering to the glass internal walls.

Dr. Resonance

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