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RE: [TCML] Mirrors as glass plate and "foil" style caps?

The use of the silver side as a plate offers no advantage over the more typical Al foil plates and there is no end to the downsides:
- The size and weight of the thing!  The cap shouldn't overshadow the rest of a coil (IMHO)
- The challenge to safely insulate such a large thing
- The challenge to devise a high-current peripheral contact to the silver plating
- You'll need to have foil on the other side anyway
- The certain prospect of 7 years bad luck

If a gun were held to my head I could probably get it to work, but...

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hey All....
> I removed a very large mirror from a home today and the owner said to
> trash it... the mirror is 5'X7' and yes it is heavy ;)
> got to thinking and I was just wondering IF a mirror could be used as a
> plate cap since the silver is already on one side of it...
> remove enuf of the silvering around the perimeter to create an
> "insulative border", lay in some aluminum foil links to each silver
> sided section...
> Just wondering...
> the main problem I see with this is that the silvering would sizzle away
> like the foil on a CD disk in a microwave on high power cook setting...
> or do yall feel it would hold up??
> Scot D

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