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Re: [TCML] 4 SALE... Promise not to laugh?

Hi Andrew

In listing the problems, you forgot to mention that most black ABS pipe and most black paint contain high amounts of carbon which makes them conductive (and power absorbing) at RF/HV.

Matt D.

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Ok, so my recent OCD is your benefit. I have three secondary coils, and most likely several more for sale. You have to hear the story first, and you have to promise not to laugh. Once upon a time, in a poor engineering students backyard...?
This all began with the center "wrapped" secondary coil (see picture links below) This secondary is a 4in OD 1/8in acrylic tube, painted black and wrapped with 22 gauge wire. The windings are 21.5in tall and the entire unit is 24in tall. The end caps are beautifully made of 3/4in high den particle board with a 5/16in bolt on each end. The problems with this coil started when I was screwing in the last bolt to hold in the end cap. CRACK! Just a little too tight and a small crack formed at the base. Not anything to hurt stability but every time I see the coil, I cant see the crack... but I know its there... To the dump! From here things went downhill VERY fast. Good thing I had TONS of wire and an endless supply of PVC. This ongoing process hasnt cost me too much.......... Ok onto coil number 2. This fine piece of work sits atop the fluffy brown carpet on the left showcase. It flaunts a 4.5in OD and a flawless black paint job and it can be yours if you can "nammmme thaaaaaat probleeeemmmm." So this time I went WAY overboard on the sealer. I think somewhere I either was going mono a mono with a fly or stuck in endless loop of margaritaville. Either way, this was way too much sealer for my taste. It looks ok but feels funny in some places. Again same amazing construction except this time, no cracks. This secondary you dont have to handle gently! This thing could probably survive a bombing. This one also has a new feature I added. There are eight total bolts for each end cap. Four countersunk into the PVC for the main endcap support, and the other four poke out for now so you can remove them slip a protective 1/8 acrylic tube over outside and bolt it down (CAREFULLY) with the remaining four bolts at each end. The winding length is 21" and total length is again 24".?
Ok, now it gets really silly. The last wrapped coil on the right is identical to the one I just described except everything is flawless but this one paint smudge and fingerprint in the black paint.... I know... stop laughing right now.... seriously. Again, 4.5" OD, 21" windings of 22gauge wire and 24" total length and this also has the capability of the slip over acrylic tube. Bomb proof too! So now we come to the soon to be for sale. The first is the black tube next to the wrapped coil. Not only did I accidentally smudge its paint... which could have been fixed, but I accidentally countersunk every hole instead of every other. So this coil when done will not have the protective tube capability unless you want it to look goofy. So finally I got fed up with my self for being so impatient. (I keep rushing myself because I build these at home1 hour away from school and can only work on weekends) I called plumbing shops everywhere, in the city and then even manufactures out of state looking for ABS pipe when it turns out Lowes right next door carried it and I had just ruled them out from the start figuring they wouldnt... UGH. So now I have this ABS pipe but im already not satisfied because its hard to find a straight piece and the exterior without paint (even after cleaning it up) is just going to look terrible which already defeats the purpose of the black pipe... So im back to square one... Solution??
PATIENCE!!!!!!! Im gonna perfect the pipes shape, then double check, triple check, then paint and let dry for a week... then seal and let dry for a week. then wrap very carefully and seal with ONE coat of sealer!?
If that doesnt work then im just gonna have to accept the fact that no matter how much I try to perfect my work, Im never going to be satisfied with its quality.?
For those of you just interested in the secondaries... now that i've made you endure my long dreadful story, I can can tell you im gonna let um go for $50 each. I promise this is all going to a good cause. This will hopefully raise the money my class group needs to finally get our SRSG machined at the machine shop. We had to put our whole project on hold due to being poor college students. Well, that and im a perfectionist...?
Thanks again everyone for reading, If you are interested, email me at arobinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or feel free to call me (336) 287-2006 or (919) 747-9931. Its ok, I do speak English and I am friendly.?
Here are the pics finally!?
Andrew Robinson?
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