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[TCML] New guy


I'm in the midst of plans to build a Microflash. This is very similar to Tesla stuff so I joined the list.

First off, I'm not an electronics guru but I try to build things. Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

At the moment I'm working on a microflash - this is a device which stores a main capacitor of around 5000PF with between 15 and 30KV. This is put into an air gap of about 2.5cm with the air ionised from a 45-50KV pulse via another transformer.

Right now I have a 12v 4A LCD monitor transformer that I'm going to use as the power supply. I'm putting together a 555-based pulse generator with the aim of putting 12v into a standard car ignition coil to get at least 20KV out for the main capacitor. 

That's all fine and dandy although not yet built. I've got to get around to that. I have the 555 stuff. The diodes will most likely have to be several microwave oven diodes cobbled end on end to make up my rectifiers. Being somewhat frugal I'll build bridge rectifiers rather than using half wave.

The 45-50KV pulse will probably come from a high-performance ignition coil. Thus, two coils will be in use. Ideally I'd use the bridge-rectified current for the main capacitor and use two smaller capacitors that combine when fired to produce the trigger pulse but I have no idea how to control the 50KV side. I'm planning to work on the low-voltage side, controlling the 12v end of things to control when the flash fires etc.

Rhys Sage


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