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[TCML] Old VDG and Tesla coil found in attic


Several years ago I found a VDG and Tesla coil in an attic doing an install job near Seattle. I asked the new home owners about the equipment in their attic and they didn't have the slightest knowledge of what the "junk" was. They said I could have it as long as I hauled it out! this was appx 1981 and I have never had a chance to mess with them.

I am now retired and have the time to start the project.

I have placed them on my website:

My questions for the group:

1. anybody recognize either of them? builder? commercial?

2. should I keep the TC "true" (long secondary) when refurbishing it?

3. any ideas on the tube type? schematic? (yes, I can draw it out)

4. what material would be "best" for the belt

I would appreciate any comments from the group that would help restore them to working condition. (I know, I know... the TC will be a very poor performer by today's standards... This is a "for-fun" project).

I suspect these were originally built for classroom use or school science fair use.

Steve - Seattle
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