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Re: [TCML] Old VDG and Tesla coil found in attic

Answer to part of your questions. The VDG obviously needs cleaning up [what is the column material?] and the top filled out to a full sphere. As for the belt, there is stuff called "Theraband" which is used in physical therapy. Thin rubber [or possibly neoprene] sheet which can be had in rolls of up to 25 feet at least and widths up to six inches. It can be had in a number or different color colded thickness. I've used it and found that I could get by with using ordinary rubber cement [great big surprise] to join the overlapped ends of the belt as long as there wasn't too much tension. Application of the cement makes the stuff curl so I stick it down with double backed tape with plastic or cardboard backing and leave the tape in place until the cement is dry and the two pieces joined. I actually made a keyed fixture to make the fit accurate. Problem is always getting the belt tension just tight enough so that it won't lift off the rollers but not tight enough to bind the bearings.


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