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Re: [TCML] New guy

Dave Halliday wrote:
I take it that you are looking for an ultra-high-speed flash for motion

High voltage, low capacitance and air discharge.

A lot of people use tungsten TIG welding rods inside of a pyrex glass tube
(make @#$% sure it is borosilicate or pyrex!). The 'tickler' coil is wrapped
on the outside of the coil.

Can you provide a link to the website where you are getting your plans?
You can generate the high voltage with a series of doubler circuits. The
advantage is that this is cheap as each stage has minimal requirements.
Downside is that the current at that voltage is minimal so your recycle time
is slow.

For additional circuitry to trigger, Google the Camera Axe

Usual disclaimers about safety...


You might look at Edgerton's book (perhaps that's where you're getting the info) or get a copy of Fruengel's book from the library. Fruengel, in particular has a wealth of circuit designs.

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