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Re: [TCML] transformer oil source or substitute?

Jon Iverson wrote:
I have a small x-ray transformer that I would like to reimmerse in oil. Where can I find transformer oil? Do I really need transformer oil, or can I substitute with mineral or some other oil?

transformer oil IS mineral oil, but mineral oil that has been kept dry and clean and is of the proper viscosity.

You want something like Shell Diala or ExxonMobil Univolt. They're both readily available in 5 gallon pails at distributors of the relevant mfrs. You go to the website for, e.g., Shell, and look for industrial lubricants and there will be a "show me local distributors" feature. Then it's some work on the phone.

The stuff has gone up in price recently.. used to be $4-5/gallon, but someone mentioned recently they paid almost $50 for a 5 gallon pail.

There are innumerable improvised alternatives: laxative mineral oil from the feed store might be a choice, but you have to make sure it has low moisture content, which isn't always the case.

Water content ruins the dielectric strength, and that's what you're looking for here.
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