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Re: [TCML] transformer oil source or substitute?

If anyone is in need of some transformer oil, and is in the SoCal area, I
have at least one 5-gal bucket of Diala-AX I'd make a deal on. It would
have to be picked up as it's not worth shipping due to the packaging

Brian B.

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009 06:45:20 -0700, jimlux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jon Iverson wrote:
>> I have a small x-ray transformer that I would like to reimmerse in oil. 
>> Where can I find transformer oil?  Do I really need transformer oil, or 
>> can I substitute with mineral or some other oil?
> transformer oil IS mineral oil, but mineral oil that has been kept dry 
> and clean and is of the proper viscosity.
> You want something like Shell Diala or ExxonMobil Univolt.  They're both 
> readily available in 5 gallon pails at distributors of the relevant 
> mfrs. You go to the website for, e.g., Shell, and look for industrial 
> lubricants and there will be a "show me local distributors" feature. 
> Then it's some work on the phone.
> The stuff has gone up in price recently.. used to be $4-5/gallon, but 
> someone mentioned recently they paid almost $50 for a 5 gallon pail.
> There are innumerable improvised alternatives: laxative mineral oil from 
> the feed store might be a choice, but you have to make sure it has low 
> moisture content, which isn't always the case.
> Water content ruins the dielectric strength, and that's what you're 
> looking for here.
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