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[TCML] SRSG Noise level.

Putting aside issues regarding spark length and spark behaviour, can anyone
say which would provide the quieter running. Either a  bps rate of 100 or
200 ( 120 or 240) ? No doubt someone has run the same coil with the same
power levels on both bps rates, and I wondered what their results were. 
I know the simple answer would be to remove some electrodes on my 200 bps
SRSG that I have and then compare it myself,  but I am in the process of
rebuilding my SRSG after a mishap with it, and I'm considering going to
100bps, but only if it will quieten things down. 
Power is 5 to 6 kva.  The 200bps I constructed had a lovely whine to it, but
I wonder if it may also draw the ear's attention to it a bit more.
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