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RE: [TCML] SRSG Noise level.

It's not as simple as it may seem, to switch between 100 and 200 BPS.  Simplistically it could be done, but if one was at all interested in keeping things optimized, you'd also have to double the capacitance if you halve the BPS, to keep the power throughput constant.  And of course if you double the capacitance, you'd need to halve the primary inductance to keep it in tune.  And maybe tweak the pri-sec coupling.

Assuming that one did all this, my guess is that the lower BPS would be louder, as the bang size will be higher.  But Tesla coils are loud, there's no getting around that, no matter what break rate you choose.  

Regards, Gary Lau

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> Hello.
> Putting aside issues regarding spark length and spark behaviour, can anyone
> say which would provide the quieter running. Either a  bps rate of 100 or
> 200 ( 120 or 240) ? No doubt someone has run the same coil with the same
> power levels on both bps rates, and I wondered what their results were.
> I know the simple answer would be to remove some electrodes on my 200 bps
> SRSG that I have and then compare it myself,  but I am in the process of
> rebuilding my SRSG after a mishap with it, and I'm considering going to
> 100bps, but only if it will quieten things down.
> Power is 5 to 6 kva.  The 200bps I constructed had a lovely whine to it, but
> I wonder if it may also draw the ear's attention to it a bit more.
> Phil
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