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[TCML] DIY High Power Fillament transformer

Hello All,


I just wanted to share my progress with a >60 amp 10, 12 volt filament
transformer. I had four older dedicated filament transformers for a quad
833C. The insulation was old!  This solution, I think, is much better.


I was lucky enough to receive a France 15/60 from a list member. That's
obviously 900VA, a good number. I was looking for a good primary, never mind
the HV coils. It happily arrived un-potted but still covered in tar. No
biggie, I soaked it in solvent a couple of days and got the two E cores and
the primary very clean. The primary was coated in poly and isolated from the
core I counted the turns on the primary (sorry, didn't write it down) and
went out to buy some #6awg. There is a LOT of room on an empty E core. I
considered #4. It was simple to wind a few layers to get in the >12 volt


I placed the halves together last night and fired it up. Of course it buzzed
big time. Solution: clear quick dry epoxy on the core flats. I plugged it in
and stacked a few MOT's on top and in a matter of minutes in quieted to
barely hearable. Cool.


I plan to have a 10v and a 12v output tap. I need to find an 800watt or so
load now - something like 6-8 100watt 12 volt RV bulbs or a 12V water heater
element. I'll let you know how the regulation turns out. Anyone have an idea
for a 12v load? Old headlamps would be good but not to be found around here.


Say, #12awg is .001588 ohms/ foot. .2 ohms gives us 12v/.2=60amps so
.2/.001588= 126 feet of #12awg. I guess I could run it out to a tree and
back?? The air should keep it cool, not to mention the distribution of heat
over distance! - a possibility.



Jim Mora


This transformer would NOT be a good solution if the filament will be
floating high above ground!

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