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[TCML] For Sale: Medium-sized Tesla Coil

*For Sale:  Medium Tesla Coil*

(pictures of individual components follow their description)

*Primary Power Supply**:* *($120)* 0-15KV 60ma, Volt and Amp meters, Kill
Switch, 2 high power RF filters, 2.0 KVA Variac that takes either 110vac
/240 vac input (output 0-250vac)  120/240VAC input included with Freau Phase
Shifter for rotary gap below (shifts phase of Oriental synchronous motor by
up to 40 degrees





*3 individual Spark Gaps**:*  2 fan air-cooled Quick Gaps *($20 ea)*, 1
Synchronous Rotary Gap *($100)* with Tungsten Electrodes and Oriental Motor
1800 rpm synchronous motor, a G-10 fiberglass complete rotor thats under 4
inches! (about 90 mm) with a matching solid copper 18 gauge back plate disk
that has been drilled and balanced, a mandrel designed for this rotor and cw
& ccw operation, (2) motor run capacitors , (4) each flying tungsten
electrodes press fit into the rotor and (2) 1 inch static electrodes with
solid copper holders




*Capacitor bank:* *($100)* MMC type capacitor bank for a Tesla Coil; 25 x
Cornell-Dubillier 942 CDE cap 0.15mfd 2,000 v (The choice for Tesla coils).
Bank is tunable in .15mfd intervals, and features a 20M HV bleed capacitor
(lead times on Cornell-Dubillier 942 a year, and they are hard to find)



*Fritz Filter:* *($45)* Neon Sign Transformer Filter for a Tesla Coil;
without this filter, the life of Neon Sign Transformer in this application
is short lived. The components on Fritz filters are difficult to find,
particularly the large Dale resistors.




*Primary Coil and Base:* *($45)* 14 turn .14" copper tube conical coil

*Secondary Coil:*  *($45)* 4 inch x 22 inch on a 4 inch PVC form (4.2 Inch
OD) with 1150 turns of heavy, high temp #26 awg wire (HAPT). coated with
Dolph's AC-43 insulating varnish, brass rod and heavy duty insulator  *($10)
* on top to hold the toroid or sphere.


*Sparks:* 25" arcs (~1.9MV) before it arcs between the toroid and strike
rail, but with a longer separation between the toroid, you could
theoretically get up to 40"



*5"x16" Freau Spun Aluminum Toroid  **($200)*


I'd be happy to discuss selling parts separately, or as a package at

Chris Westland


J. Christopher Westland
Professor, Information & Decision Sciences, University of Illinois
601 S. Morgan Street (UH2400) Chicago, IL    60607-7124

Telephone       +1.312.860.0587
Google Voice  +1.209.757.8849
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