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[TCML] Kit Instrumentation


In process of upgrading my electronics lab, I am building some 
test equipment kits to replace LCR meters and other equipment 
that has hit the great bit bucket in the sky. 

This company has some very high capability kits at costs of 
~ 1/10 commercial products. The LCRZ meter in particular 
appears very impressive. Cost is reasonable, especially for 
a multiple frequency LCR ( I used a Agilent/HP multiple frequency 
unit which was > $18,000 not including fixturing, and a Quadritech 
multiple frequency unit that was ~ $2,000). Only leaded components 
need be installed, all SMD's are premounted. Most handheld LCRM's 
only give a test frequency of 1kHz. The RF universal frequency 
counter may also be of interest to our more advanced members. 


Another kit that will only perform LC measurements is from AADE for 
about half the cost of the LCRZ kit. NOTE: will not measure electrolytic 
capacitors. Also a leaded component kit. 


Speaking of Agilent, they have just introduced a hand held unit 
that appears capable of similar performance, for about 
double the cost of the LCRZ unit. 


Dave Sharpe, TCBOR/HEAS 
Chesterfield, VA. USA 

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