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Re: [TCML] Re: Sculpture with Tesla coils

People installed the mesh cages it and measured the
EMI effectiveness  protection it offers.

But I don't know the data.
Mary should better contact W.Wysock for that matter.


--- jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

It won't reduce the *AC* E-field very much, for the reasons mentioned.

I have some analysis buried somewhere and I'll dig it up.
There are some folks who have done measurements on a "caged" TC, but to 
my knowledge, they were done for a commercial installation and are 
proprietary information.

Yes, the magnetic field dies out fairly fast, but it's still significant 
  (in terms of EMI/EMC) at quite a distance, especially for a largish coil.


Run some numbers.. For EMI/EMC you're worried about peak currents, not 
like for safety, where you are worried about RMS.. So, start with 
100Amps and 10 turns.

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