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Re: [TCML] Re: Sculpture with Tesla coils

> Sorry to be the wowser here.  This might sound strange but I wouldn't go
> for a Tesla coil in this situation. I have been involved with public
> Tesla coils in two permanent and many temporary displays.
> Even with my knowledge there are still risks and problems in a plain
> vanilla setup, let alone an art installation, let alone a twin VTTC (I
> have never seen one).

   Concur.  5 ft sparks are lethal, by definition.

   I've seen (Boston Museum of Science) a Non Tesla installation,
   with 20 ft sparks.

>...Faraday Cage...
   I've worked with Faraday Cages, doing EMI/RFI Measurements.
   Properly designed, debugged and managed they will absolutely
   contain the EMI/RFI as well as the sparks.

   It takes a deal of effort to do that design/debug/maintenance.
   A Great Deal.

   'cursory' cages will contain sparks, yet leak EMI/RFI


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