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Re: [TCML] Terry Filter

Hi Chip, All,

The VALUE of the caps determines the frequency response of the RC filter, so you will have more or less attenuation of the higher frequency hash. Now the VOLTAGE rating of the cap string should match of exceed the NST peak voltage. The MOVs are a different story, since they limit the size of voltage spikes that can get back to the NST. Too many, and they will not offer an NST any protection, too few and they will fry from excessive clipping. 

Matt D. . 

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Really. I asked the question before I started building this thing and was told 
he cap pf value wasn't that important. My filter has (7) 820pf 2000volt 
aps/bank. This is off slightly from the .0033uf caps I see in most drawings. 
lease advise.

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he capacitor configuration need not and should not be altered as a function of 
ST voltage.  Only the number of MOV's must be changed.
Someone once suggested that the capacitor string could be changed to a lower 
oltage when using a lower voltage NST to perhaps save a few pennies, but the 
tring capacitance should always stay the same pF value regardless of voltage.
Regards, Gary Lau
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 Hi Chip,
 I used a few taps (banana plugs) on my filter - allowing me to select the
 number of MOVs/caps that are seried
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 I have my terry filter about 50% done. While building it, I asked myself a
 question. Why would a person build anything but a Terry Filter capable of
 protecting a NST of 15,000 volts? I ordered 14 MOV's from dig-key. For 4 or
 5 dollars more, I could have had 16. Now if i want enough for a 15k trany, I
 gotta pay shipping again.Correct me if I am wrong. If I build a Terry filter
 capable of protecting a 15K volt trany, I can use it to protect my 9000 volt
 NST without any modifications. I bring this up because, as we all know,
 parts get swapped from coil to coil and if I decide to built a larger coil
 with my 15k trany later on, I could've just moved it over without worry. Am
 I wrong?
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