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RE: [TCML] Terry Filter

Very Nice
I am currently building a TF and have used exactly the same brass doorknobs
as in your picture although I have used 4 with the middle earth two back to
I might put the max no of Movs on the board and just short out the ones not
needed undernath the board to provide the required voltage for the
particular transformer I am using. Currently using 4 Mots. Yet to make the
primary coil, mmc cap and spark gap. Probably going for a stationary gap at
this stage although I have made a rotary one but it seems to be
asynchronous! I am very exited about this project and anticpate completion
in 2010 sometime!

Newbee Kiwi Coiler

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Hi Chip,

I used a few taps (banana plugs) on my filter - allowing me to select the
number of MOVs/caps that are seried



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