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Re: [TCML] Spherical topload SGTC

Liviu Vasiliu wrote:
Happy Hollidays to you.

I have a little Chrismas vacance so I had the time to finish another project. Is a spherical topload little SGTC used for spontaneously manifestation of the "swirling streamer effect". The idea behind is is keeping constant the settings of a TC system (power input, gap distance, copling,etc) and working on spark formation by using different size spheres not connected to the main topload (something like the additional sphere used at the end of the electrodes of the electrostatic machines to control the electric field). The project pics and the result movies are here:



 As someone who used to make his living making artificial tornadoes...
(check US patent 5,971,765)

artificial tornadoes need two things, swirling flow coming in at the base and something to produce an updraft. fire whirls are a good example.. burning fuel at the base creates a rising column of air, and some local feature causes spin, which as it "falls" into the middle, it speeds up (just like the ice skater doing a spin)

For an exciting experiment, put about a half liter of gasoline (or petroleum ether) on a flat concrete surface on a windless day, light it on fire, and away it goes. The smallest asymmetry in air flow will start the spin, and it will accelerate as it winds up. The key is that as the speed picks up, small droplets form and get sucked up, and produce heat all the way up the vortex.

I never thought about it before, but a spark is an interesting source of heat that can introduce heat all along the axis of your vortex (much like liquid fuels in powerful fire whirls)

If you want to keep it stable, what you need is a slightly asymmetric flow for the swirl.
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