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Re: [TCML] Spherical topload SGTC

Looks cool!  Speaking of plasma air-gaps...

Back on Sept. 3, 2009 I had the following air-gap setups (some may remember them from up here):

Sphere insulated by air and plastic on top of hemisphere-toroid with open zenith.  9kV 30mA supply.  Got a great serpent this run: 


Next showing a 2 turn coil between the top sphere and hemi-toroid underneath, and another run with 4-5 turn steel coil seperating them, has similar effect to the air-gap, in terms of increasing output very noticably:



to 12kV 60mA and 4" secondary, and hemisphere-toroid on top of sphere
with air gap - a plastic DVD holder with its top knocked out seperates
the two, and a metal cookie jar fit inside it, and inside the hemi-toroid, to cause a gap, with the sphere below.  


The plasma air-gap appeared to me to increase the output length of the streamers and have a stabilizing effect. 

Recently November/December I went to a no-gap 18" toroid with 4" diam secondary and 12kV 60mA supply.  Nice 35" sparks.  


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