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Re: [TCML] Spark gaps, Solid state switches and diodes

Stephen Hiscock skrev:
Hello Fin Hammer,
thank you for helping me out!.

I've done some basic Calculations.
Here is the basic config of the coil.
6.5'' Diameter, 20.25 winding length and 32 turns/inch so about 968 turns in total.
wound on PVC former.

I get around 600 something turns.......

The primary is 12.5 turns 13.5 inside diameter and 37 inches outside diameter. and in inch between turns. giving inductance range of 30 - 100uF fopr tuning

I would expect henries here......
the Capacitor is 6.4nF per transformer as they are 15kV at 30mA each.
so giving a range of 6.4nF to 38.4nF depending on how many I hookup.

you sent me this:
Ipeak is a relation to Lpri, Cpri and Vmax.

First calculate Zpri =>sqrt(Lpri/Cpri)
so from this my Impedance is 781 to 125
Then Ipeak => Vmax/Zpri = 21,213 / 125 = 169
or 21,213 / 781 = 27
and Ipeak ranges from 27 to 169 Amps (this seems a bit low)
is this correct?

So I'm guessing the standard design will work fine - but just lots in series?


Could you supply tuning point for the biggest capacitor you use. This means: how many turns do you have engaged when all caps are in the circuit.
From this we can calculate Lpri needed to calculate Ipeak.

Cheers, Finn Hammer
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