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[TCML] Shinola meter, parts wanted or for free distribution - review

Hello List,

Shinola meter (Sinometer, China) DMM 20A - did most DMM stuff including
Freq, C, L, HFE - all in < mediocre fashion. Feedback was supplied from a
fair sized, very clear LCD (someone stole my indestructible Beckman along
with my 25 year field tool kit some time ago).

This Sinometer accidently tried to measure 120v AC on the ohms scale,
certainly not the first time I have done that during my longish career. It
is the first time I nearly needed a fire extinguisher for taming a DVM ;-)

After cleaning up all the residual carbon with acetone (smells like a whole,
large, cooked PCB - the smell of abhorrence most of us know), the selector
switch (cheap plastic) burned through on route to make a punch through the
main PCB to the fuse on the other side, which did blow, hurray! Ah, how do
you get parts from China? The meter isn't listed anywhere so it had a one
year, rarely used tenure.

In summation, the selector wiper is totaled, as is the main board (etched
with selector contacts) which has burn through. So, if someone has one with
a broken LCD, let's collaborate and make a working meter. Otherwise the LCD
is still very good, as is the daughter board and cases, all of which are
available for free + cost of shipping.

I still can't get used to this throw away economy!

Jim Mora
Specializing in Puff and Smoke, sans mirrors ;-)

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