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Re: [TCML] Shinola meter, parts wanted or for free distribution - review

Jim Mora wrote:
This Sinometer accidently tried to measure 120v AC on the ohms scale,
certainly not the first time I have done that during my longish career. It
is the first time I nearly needed a fire extinguisher for taming a DVM ;-
About destroying cheap meters: I had one actually not bad, and was trying to measure about 25 kV by connecting the meter to measure the current trough a
high-voltage resistor made from a series of 5.6 MOhm resistors.
Everything fine, until I turned off the system, and turned off the meter too. Some minutes later, I resumed the measurements, and turned on the HV, forgetting
to turn the meter to the microamperes scale first. The result was 25 kV
inside the meter without any protection and sparking everywhere. The large
resistor in series was not enough protection. No marks visible in the board,
but the meter is dead.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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