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Re: [TCML] Shinola meter, parts wanted or for free distribution -review

Well said Hank. That is exactly it's purpose. It was replaced with the "exact same" resistor as both Flukes were the same model and vintage (and I of course checked the resistors against each other to be sure). The point is that old meters that are dead are not necessarily useless. If you happen to favor a particular meter and kill it, then just buy the same meter again, but don't throw out the old meter. It may make a stupid mistake not such a big deal. Not in every case, but maybe at least once, you get to fix it since the processor is functioning correctly.


Dr.Hankenstein wrote:
That 1K resistor you replaced in your Fluke is a special current limiting
"fusible" resistor. Be sure you replace it with the same kind for safety's

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