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Re: [TCML] Shinola meter, parts wanted or for free distribution -review


I forgot to mention that many Fluke models have "spark gaps" that look sort
of like a ceramic disk capacitor with a little cut straight down the
middle, yellow or red in color. These follow the 1K "fusible resistor" and
usually short out permanently from overvoltage and burns out the 1K
resistor (on purpose) to protect you from possible explosion of the
instrument. If you replace the resistor and the meter doesn't read over a
couple of volts on a know live circuit, try cutting the MOV / Spark Gap out
of the circuit. If this fixes the problem, replace the defective
components. FYI: I think I even saw a Fluke repair kit with all the parts
you need.


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> Well said Hank. That is exactly it's purpose. It was replaced with the 
> "exact same" resistor as both Flukes were the same model and vintage 
> (and I of course checked the resistors against each other to be sure). 
> The point is that old meters that are dead are not necessarily useless. 
> If you happen to favor a particular meter and kill it, then just buy the 
> same meter again, but don't throw out the old meter. It may make a 
> stupid mistake not such a big deal. Not in every case, but maybe at 
> least once, you get to fix it since the processor is functioning
> Regards,
> Bart
> Dr.Hankenstein wrote:
> > That 1K resistor you replaced in your Fluke is a special current
> > "fusible" resistor. Be sure you replace it with the same kind for
> > sake!
> >
> > Hank 
> >   
> >
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