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Re: [TCML] Spark gaps, Solid state switches and diodes

Hi Stephen,

You might want to read this page of Richie Burnett's regarding resonant charging. It gives some good info on resonant rise in a transformer should a gap have a problem like mis-firing or say if the gap was opened too wide.

Stephen Hiscock wrote:
I might have to upscale the primary caps a bit and perhaps just replace them. Do you have any good cheap capacitors that you can recommend or even sell to me.?
No, but you might want to write to DC Cox on this list as he sells MMC caps from time to time and the well tested CD 942C series.

Regarding the tube size on the primary - I didn't mention it because I thought it didn't matter too much. I'm actually using a 1 inch wide Aluminum strap that is about that is about 3mm (2/16ths inch). I'm assuming it has enough surface area for a good conductor at those frequencies...
A flat ribbon primary can be different in L from that of a tube tube primary, but not always (depends how we model the tube primary). Always best to use the inductance of a ribbon primary using ribbon primary equations.

In your case:
Pitch = 0.94, Height=1, Thickness=0.125, I.D.=13.5, Turns=12.5
The calculator should show 37" O.D. at 102uH. Then just change the turns and calc for each tap point desired. This will give you L (and you already know C and Vp).

I will have to do some redesign of my spark gap and check my ground connections and etc. I think I'll check the current each transformer is supplying because I used to get 3-4 feet out of my coil.

Yep, good idea. Ensure each side of the NST can draw a spark to the case. It's not uncommon to kill one side of an NST at which point it produces only 1/2 voltage.

Take care,
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