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Finn is getting the whole spectrum ;) I will delay the order to Monday to figure it all out. Let me know off all needful things. I may have to treat myself to a few too since these new SIDACs seem to have a load of new higher HV tricks!! I have the Bertan out a lot these days and I still need to justify its cost, NOT :D


Best Regards,


BTW - Finn, I will make it so...

James wrote:
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Hey Finn,

I am going to order from Mouser tomorrow. Let me know the part number and how many if you need
I also don't seem to understand the sidac specs. I think the half way
value is a good start. I was looking on Mouser and I think this is what
we need.
P3002ac pins 1&3 280-360v adv 320v P3602ac pins 1&3 340-440v adv 390v
P4202ac pins 1&3 380-500v adv 440v
P4802ac pins 1&3 440-600v adv 520v

It would appear to me that we need P3002ac. The breakover should be
320v. Three in series will be 960v. Is that going to be too high for the
transistor? Are we going to have to use two different part numbers? I
suppose one 3002 and one 4802 equal 840v. That should be ok for the
transistor. From Mouser the 3002's are $2.05 each; minimum quantity 295.
Sooo I need enough sidac's to load about 12 modules. This would have
been 36 of the F3000K1's. Later, James

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