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Re: [TCML] SISG Technology


SCR HV stacks have been around since the 70's. They have optically triggered SCRs now and they have all kinds of odd triggering methods. The patent application seemed cool since it seemed to try to trigger them even faster. Normally, "BIG" SCRs are not known for much over 60 Hz :D

The application was April 13, 2001 so I guess 'i' will not go after them with my usual "plagiarized, steal, and copy at your pleasure" Idealogical indealogy protection :D That would be a heck of an area to try an push a new patent though anyway... Most was ultra well covered 10 years before in HVDC... I guess it was worth the $75 bucks just to try... Newer technologies might have opened up new holes though. In this case, " Withdrawn: 12.04.2006"... BooHoo...

I would worry a LOT more that the SISG is covered be some other patent rather than someone 'stealing' it :D I made the SISG up all myself one night without any outside help or ideas. But no guarantee's it was not thought of before...

As far as "I" am concerned, all my contributions are all totally Public Domain.

Maybe, someday... Somebody will patent a patent system that is truly patentable... ;D


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