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RE: [TCML] Is It Polyethylene?


Sure sounds like polyethylene. What about a voltage stand off test? That's
the point yes? You already know it can take dynamic frequency changes no
sweat! Something like two flat metal plates say aluminum with a smooth
surfaces. It would take some high voltage! There is a comparison of standoff
somewhere in the archives. All the 4 mil stuff at Lowes is polyethylene. The
only 6 mil stuff on a search of their site is "Sunbelt Plastics" and is

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I purchased a roll of "contractor's choice" brand plastic sheeting from
Lowe's.  It's 6 mil, milky translucent in color.  Nowhere does the packaging
mention what kind of plastic it is, nor can I find any recycling symbol.

I did the microwave oven test on it, and it didn't warm up at all.  Does
anyone know what kind of poly this is?  Does anyone know a quickie test for
us non-chemists?

I'd like to homebrew some caps, but I want to use polyethylene, not vinyl.


Gregory R. Hunter

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