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Re: [TCML] Spark gaps, Solid state switches and diodes

bartb skrev:
Hi Mark,

The 680 ohm seems "on the edge" and specific to your coil. Were you trying to perform solid state forced quenching? This would be ok for some coils to a degree, but could be very risky to say my 70kHz coil that I'm running my SISG on where 330us is 3rd notch primary quenching. The 4700 ohm provides plenty of ring time without an IGBT energy crash and doesn't compromise charging. I'm just curious what you actually gain from setting Roff so low?

Best regards,
I am running 680ohms on my CM600 T-Brisg

The quench time is dependant on gate capacitance, C1 value but also on current trough IGBT. The gate-emitter capacitance is pumping charge into the gate by each oscillation.

Cheers, Finn Hammer
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