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Re: [TCML] Hammertone coils at Palais de Tokio

Beautiful as always Finn!!!!

The SISG (BRSISG) is finally coming round!!

I got your stuff sent too ;)

Best Regards,


Finn Hammer wrote:

Hammertone made it to the top of the arts world.
By way of Kurt Schraner, I was approached by Swiss Artist Roman Signer to create a tesla coil that could deliver 1.2 meters of spark between 2 umbrella`s for his installation at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. I have documented the coil over at 4HV.org, but a rundown here is in order: It consists of 2 pcs. T-BRISG coils in a V-TWIN configuration, to visually resemble the JAP v-twin engine in the front of a Morgan sports car of 30ties vintage.

News hit the front page of the Danish empassy:
the danish newspaper Jyllands Posten:
http://www.hammertone.com/temp/JY-PO finn-2009-02-12.jpg
and of course on the Museums website
There is a youtube thingy processing:
Peter Terren of downyonder fame delivered a lot of his pictures for the exhibition magazine.

Cheers, Finn Hammer
Hammertone, The Engineer from Hell
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